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I'm Alyssaa!

I have been an Atlanta area photographer since 2008 and I specialize in families, maternity and lifestyle newborn photography.

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This is what I have been telling some friends lately as they battle comparison, jealousy and defeat because I first told myself.

When you are working in a creative industry it is very easy to get all up in your feels. Feels that you create in your head that are very untrue. You seemingly see all the success stories because no one wants to broadcast their failures. Right? So then you scroll, compare and wonder why you are not in the same place. I understand more than you know and I can speak on this because I have been in your shoes. I have been in this game for 10 years now and I  have been watching all along so those feelings crept in really early and stayed for a long time.

But the big moment when your life in this industry shifts is when you place your blinders on and truly focus on the path in front of you instead of what your friends are doing right next to you.

This does not mean stop supporting your friends on their journey at all. You need to give support to get support in my opinion. True heart felt support is something that you can feel and that you know is genuine from the get go instead of smoke being blown up your behind for the sake of fake community. If you have a true tribe of people in your corner you know if they are for you.

Putting your blinders on  just means you have to FOCUS on YOU! It does not mean you become vain or selfish- it is a mindset thing and last time I checked only one person has control over your thoughts and dwellings.. I  don’t care what she is doing. She busted her booty for that and you can get there too. I  absolutely believe it,  but the reward keeps getting pushed back to the back burner every single second you waste in comparison.

Until you get YOUR MIND RIGHT and get the right people in your corner… nothing will ever change for you. You will stay stuck in comparison and you will ultimately fail only one person. Keep your head up put the blinders on and face the path ahead without looking left or right. I am rooting for you!

Here are some ways to focus on what you are doing and put the “competition” part of your job aside:

  • Put some girls on mute if you need to we all have people that are a thorn in our side and you know what that is ok. Just don’t dwell on it. Out of sight out of mind.

  • Talk to a close friend and vent about what it is you think you are lacking – I promise that they will encourage you that you already have those things.

  • Take a small social media break to get a fresh perspective

  • Take some time to remember why you began this journey in the first place

  • Make you mind up to stop comparing yourself and start putting your magic out there for the world because in the end you are the only one who can make this choice

  • Go do a shoot just for you!

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Hi, I'm Alyssa.
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As an Atlanta family photographer I specialize in families, maternity and lifestyle newborn photography. I love working with care free and fun moms who embrace the chaos with grace. Whether it be an outdoor sunset session or an intimate in-home session we will adventure, have fun, laugh a lot and get silly!

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