February 17, 2020

Featured on Lookslikefilm | Best kids Photographers 2020

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Looks like film feature

Lookslikefilm-best-kids-photographers-Atlanta-Georgia.jpgEeeeek can you hear my screaming?? I am SO excited to be featured on one of the biggest forums for professional photographers ever. Holy freaking crap y’all! I have tried to get featured on this platform for YEARS! When this image was photographed I saw the edit in my head before my eyes ever looked through the viewfinder. The entire scene was ALL this little girl with a little help from Jesus on this natural sky that I just enhance with my editing skills. Her curiosity for the puddle made ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE.

Friends, This is why you NEVER stop shooting. This session was OVER and we started walking back to the car and all along MAGIC was in the works. This is I never put up my gear until I am in my car. Paisley kneeled down to touch the water and I saw pure magic in my head. I immediately dropped to my knees and started snapping. To date this is my favorite image I have ever captured of a child and it will forever be my personal standard for creating child art.

Thank you so much LOOKSLIKEFILM for featuring my image. This made my year.



Settings: 1/250 | F/1.6 | ISO 250 | Shot with a Nikon 35 mm 1.4 with a Nikon D800




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