June 18, 2020

Family Maternity Photos | Marietta, GA Family Photographers

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One of my most favorite things about being a family photographer is secret keeping! ⠀
Can y’all believe this mama kept her entire pregnancy a secret! ⠀⠀
Also I am trying hard to give up the idea of a perfectly curated feed. I’ve spent years “perfecting” it to my liking but… some days that would steal my joy so much and my mental state isn’t worth the stress of it anymore.⠀⠀
You see this session threw my entire game off because I never have enjoyed shooting in green grassy fields and 99% of my clients choose the mountain, but there’s no way I could not share these! The truth is more and people now are seeming to want photos at times that are not sunset and I need to share that I can and will do that. I’ll be honest it feels really good to shoot this close to my home in a location almost no one local uses.


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