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Overcoming the attack | The Photography industry


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I have been an Atlanta area photographer since 2008 and I specialize in families, maternity and lifestyle newborn photography.

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It’s about to get spiritual… and you know I say things people otherwise sweep under the rug soo…

This industry is under attack so hard and it’s in your face and if you can’t see it you do a good job of hiding under a rock.

When I say attacked I mean by the enemy (aka: the devil folks!) most of you know I’m a Christ follower and this is how I live and fully believe so I am speaking to that:

The conversations I’ve had the past few months have been saddening, joy draining and down right ugly. I’m so honored that people feel safe speaking to me in confidence. Encouraging and helping others get through junk I’ve gone through is actually one of my favorite things. I know God allowed me to walk through tough seasons to help others… but yall… 

There is so much nasty.



Back stabbing.

Price gouging.






But why? 

Did you know that we are not fighting each other? The Bible says: 

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”-Ephesians 6:13

That means that we are fighting the enemy when this stuff goes down around us but I personally won’t give the devil much credit here… but I do want you to be able to recognize this as it’s happening so you can actually put a stop to it. In your mind, relationships and in your DM’s.

You know the best way to fight a war? (and this my friends is a war)…

Simply, don’t fight. Walk away from it. There is no battle when one side is not contending.

Put your head down and focus on your purpose.

There are some of us here are doing really good things and the way the spiritual war works is the devils doesn’t want goodness. He doesn’t want us to spread light, joy or encouragement. He also doesn’t want you to thrive and LOVE your work either- imagine that. You know as well as you are reading this you question every move you make, every photo you post and every story you share. Ever deeply think about why that is?

He wants you to be:










So when you’re feeling these things (which ARE NOT FROM GOD) you have the control and authority to flip this mess on it’s head and show the enemy of your soul who is boss. New flash it is Christ in YOU. It’s a hard concept to grasp because it took me years to allow this to sink in but holy crap did it start shifting my life when I did. Am I perfect? No. Do I always see this wicked things? Not always at first… nope. I also become very distracted like most humans do which is why this is war.

So let’s use our God given self control to do something’s to make this industry better ok?

Let’s let go of this junk.

Will everyone change? Heck no some people will remain stuck in those thought patterns but YOU don’t have to.


Protect your heart and joy as much as you can. 

If you have to remove people from your life to do it that is OK too! A few close friends and I talk about this all the time- that the tools on this app meant to remove people from your line of vision are a gift from God because it’s PROTECTION – they are not a tool to be used for the hurt of others. Though sure some use it for that but when you are in this mindset it is again, protection.

God gives you such power over your life if you seek Him friends! I will never stop speaking that message for as long as He let’s me. The devil has come at me so hard these past few months and I keep on dusting myself off and standing tall right in the face of all of this.

You know my following on instagram drops most days vs. grows and I know that is because I’m not here to impress you. I’m here to move you. I’m here to push you past your boundaries. I’m here to spread light. So you can imagine not everyone receives that well but the ones who need it- thats why I won’t stop. So thank you for following along here.

Being a light in a massive sea of darkness is far more important that popularity. Don’t forget that friends.

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  1. Kim says:

    This is a beautiful message ?


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