Mother standing at Lewallen farms for a maternity session.

The best photography locations near Atlanta, GA

Let’s talk about the best photography locations I have found since being a family photographer in the Atlanta, GA area for the past 13 years.

First up:

Green Meadow Preserve – this location is actually in Marietta, GA and it’s a hot spot for photography! You will see this place covered up the second it gets warm in GA. The best part is this field that is all the way in the back that gives you a killer view of the sunset which my clients and I love so much! There are many other parks in the Marietta, GA area that give the similar feel as well. This is the best view for sunset in my opinion but you could also go to Cheatham hill battlefield or Kennesaw mountain park as well.

Locations for photography in Atlanta, ga

Arabia Mountain Park – This spot in located in Stonecrest, GA and it’s well worth the drive and hike for every client of mine who has stepped foot on this giant rock just outside of Atlanta, GA be prepared with a giant water-bottle filled to the brim on hot days and a photographer who knows all the best spots of this iconic family session location spot near Atlanta, GA.

The no named gem – This spot is located in north, GA and only my personal booked clients get access to this spot. It’s a small little gem that could get overcrowded if everyone in GA knew where it was and as the small collective GA community that does know about it- we keep it under tight wraps to give our clients an exclusive location near Atlanta, GA for their family or maternity photos.

Lewallen Farms – Located in North, GA and it is perfect for family or maternity photography. This location does have a fee per hour but it is well worth the experience! With mountain views, pastures full of cows, lakes full of ducks and a ride to the top of the mountain in an ATV it’s perfect for the adventure seeker who loves good views!

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March 17, 2023

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