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I'm Alyssaa!

I have been an Atlanta area photographer since 2008 and I specialize in families, maternity and lifestyle newborn photography.

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As a maternity photographer, I have the privilege of capturing the radiant beauty and profound emotions experienced during the miraculous journey of pregnancy. In this blog post, I want to share with you how I style my clients using a thoughtfully curated client closet and express the significance of maternity photos. By the end, you will understand why booking a photography session with me will ensure an unforgettable experience and timeless keepsakes.

  1. The Client Closet Experience:
    To provide an exceptional and stress-free experience for my clients, I have curated a dedicated client closet filled with a wide variety of stunning wardrobe options. This collection includes beautiful maternity gowns, flowing dresses, elegant tops, boho skirts and other carefully selected pieces designed to enhance the natural beauty of expectant mothers. By offering this wardrobe selection, I alleviate the hassle of finding the perfect outfit and ensure that each client feels pampered and confident during their photoshoot. Check out some of my key piece in my client closet HERE. My favorite place to buy maternity client closet piece can be found HERE.
  2. Celebrating the Importance of Maternity Photos:
    Maternity photos capture a profound and fleeting moment in a woman’s life, preserving the beauty and love surrounding the journey to motherhood. These images hold incredible sentimental value and become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. Maternity photos allow expectant mothers to celebrate their changing bodies, the anticipation of new life, and the unique bond they share with their unborn child. It’s an opportunity to freeze time and revisit the precious emotions and memories associated with this extraordinary phase.
  3. Preserving Memories for a Lifetime:
    By booking a photography session with me, clients entrust me with the responsibility of capturing their most intimate and cherished moments. Through my lens, I aim to create images that authentically reflect their individual stories and relationships. I understand the significance of every detail, from the gentle touch of a mother’s hand on her belly to the loving glance exchanged between partners. With my expertise and a genuine passion for capturing emotions, I strive to create captivating and timeless images that evoke powerful emotions and tell a captivating narrative.
  4. Creating an Unforgettable Experience:
    Beyond the technical aspects of photography, my goal is to create an unforgettable experience for my clients. From the moment they book a session with me, I work closely with them to understand their vision, desires, and personal style. I provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, helping them select outfits from the client closet that will enhance their unique beauty and compliment the chosen location. During the session, I create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, encouraging genuine interactions and capturing the genuine joy and love that radiate from expectant parents.
  5. The Legacy of Maternity Photos:
    Maternity photos are not just for the present; they hold a significant place in the future. These images become treasured family heirlooms that children, grandchildren, and future generations will cherish. They serve as a powerful reminder of the love, strength, and beauty that transcends time. Maternity photography allows families to revisit and share the story of their beginnings, creating a lasting legacy that connects generations and preserves the essence of their unique journey.

As a maternity photographer, I am dedicated to providing a memorable and personalized experience for my clients. With a carefully curated client closet, I strive to style expectant mothers in a way that celebrates their beauty and enhances their individuality. Maternity photos capture a fleeting and precious time in a woman’s life and become treasured moments that embody the love, anticipation, and joy of the journey to motherhood. By booking a photography session with me, clients can trust that their story will be beautifully and authentically captured, creating timeless memories for a lifetime.

baby bump with mom in a crop top and boho skirt

Photos of an expecting mother in a field with a beautiful dress at sunsetBeautiful photo session of an expectant mother wearing a silk gown

baby bump in rust dress

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Hi, I'm Alyssa.
Your BFF + New family photographer.

As an Atlanta family photographer I specialize in families, maternity and lifestyle newborn photography. I love working with care free and fun moms who embrace the chaos with grace. Whether it be an outdoor sunset session or an intimate in-home session we will adventure, have fun, laugh a lot and get silly!

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