Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about maternity sessions:

When is the best time to book your maternity photos?

Trying to decide when to take your maternity photos is a question every potential client who inquires about maternity sessions asks. There is truly no answer that fits every single pregnancy but I like to direct my clients to book anywhere between 28-36 weeks which can be dependent upon a few factors. I want to share a few tips on how to make the best decision on when to book your maternity photos. Remember every pregnancy is different but these are just some things that I have found help in planning the amazing moments of pregnancy.

Mother standing in nature for her maternity photo session photographed by marietta maternity photographer.

How many weeks is best when booking maternity photos?

When looking to book your maternity session you should take into account how your pregnancy has been up until this point. Are you feeling full of energy? Does your belly look pregnant yet? The 3rd trimester is the very best time (between 28-36 weeks or the 7th-8t month) During this time in pregnancy your belly should be showing enough with a round baby bump.

Mother standing on a mountain for maternity photos.

Is 25 weeks too early too book Maternity photos?

In my experience; yes. At 25 weeks most times you won’t be showing at your peak which means your baby bump has not exactly popped yet- especially if this is your first baby. One reason that you could take them early is if you are put on bed rest for any reason which would make it that you can not be very active later in your pregnancy. If you choose to have photos done this early in pregnancy you will still get beautiful images at 25 weeks pregnant especially if your photographer knows how to pose correctly.

first time parents embracing for maternity photos.

Is 38 weeks too late too book Maternity photos?

In my experience; no. I have had mamas book their photos right up until 38 weeks. This late in pregnancy is truly the time most moms have their maternity photos done. You do need to take into account the locations you choose in terms of walk, hike and time of year with the heat index.

First time parents holding their baby bump in the sunset.

How far in advance should I book my maternity photo session?

This will depend on what time of year is but I recommend booking your maternity session after you reach the 12 week mark in your pregnancy. Photographers do tend to book up very quickly in the Summer and Fall so it’s best to book with your desired photographer as soon as you can to ensure you get on their calendar. It’s always better to do it sooner than later.

Mother posing for maternity photos at cheatham hill park.

What is something happens and we need to reschedule?

When you book with me I will set you up with a reschedule date should anything happen in terms of weather or sickness. I do not charge a reschedule fee for these types of things out of our control. If for any reason you end up giving birth early what I do instead of doing maternity photos because your baby came early I will offer to have an in-home newborn session instead.

Soon to be mother posing for a photo session at sunset.

Things to remember when booking your maternity pictures

• Book between 28-36 weeks

• If this is your first pregnancy book as soon as possible and keep in mind you might show later than sooner.

• Keep in mind the location choice with how you are feeling.

• No matter the season your photos will be amazing!

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Why to book your Maternity Photos

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