I call myself the dad whisperer and that's because I have a track record to prove that dads have fun at photo sessions with me for one simple reason! Because, I hold a stress free and laid back photo session that they will end up admitting they loved! I am a Marietta family photographer that you can promise your family will love!

making your kids laugh is my superpower

Marietta family photographer

My story really began the moment I was given my first camera and the rest is history, but one day it will be all we have left. Right now is the time to schedule those family photos with your trusted Marietta family photographer.  I make sessions fun for the kids so much so they will ask when they get to do it again - from stickers to throwing marshmallows that make even the big kids laugh! The secret fart machine gets dad every time too! 

I am a mom too and I know how this feels. 

I am obsessed with iced caramel macchiatos

my husband and I have the same birthday

I am left handed and everyone acts so shocked about it


- Jessica from dallas, GA

"She is so welcoming and makes the experience feel like your best friend is taking the photos."

your husband called he said to book the session!