About Alyssa—

just a girl capturing life one instagram story at a time

Meet your new hype girl

Whether we are planning your dream family photos or digging deep into your business making it fresh and new I am the hype girl you never knew you needed and I am here to help you see the very best dang parts of yourself sis! 

I am Alyssa - the girl behind this big little biz. I am a photographer, educator, wife, mother to 3 boys and really awesome friend. 

Before starting this business I worked as a nurses assistant for several years so serving and caring are integrated deep in my soul. 

I pride myself in my ability to make people feel seen, heard and appreciated. I have this magic power that allows me to be a sounding board to anyone who enters my airspace. 

I started this business because of my ability to tell stories and make people feel seen and loved from what others tell me is close to unheard of.

So let's get to planning some magic photos you bring the fam and I'll bring the iced cold brew, goofy jokes, loud laughter and all love in my heart! 

"If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." - Steve Jobs

Alyssa Hollis has been a trusted family photographer since 2008

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