Not your average educator

I am not here to sell you a destination and I’ll never showcase the lie that my guidance somehow replaces your own unique journey here. Choosing to have me walk alongside you on this path is only to get to where you are meant to be. Let's see what the mentees are saying:

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"I  leaped at the opportunity to purchase her editing course during last year's Black Friday sale. As a busy mom, I love that this course is self-paced. Developing my editing style was my goal and this course delivered all the tools and resources needed. The amount of knowledge poured out from Alyssa is unreal. Alyssa provides her presets/brushes, explains lightroom sliders in great detail, and teaches you how to find your style with any preset and how to make your images pop! Alyssa also generously includes many best practices including styling tips and client management recommendations. I highly recommend this course whether you are a beginner, like me, looking to jump-start your business, or a seasoned photographer looking to develop your editing skills.”

I have admired Alyssa's beautiful soul and her photography skills for many years!

"The amount of knowledge poured out from Alyssa is unreal."


“I’m so happy that I invested in editing mentorship with Alyssa. I was always intrigued with warm, bold and moody edit and with this mentorship I was able to achieve that style and it proved to be a game changer for me. In her mentorship videos, she goes above and beyond to help explain every aspect of photography (styling/editing and almost everything). I would say if you are investing in her mentorship, you are investing in yourself since she is not just going to be your mentor but a life long friend to help you out in need. Being able to join her Facebook group with mentorship, I am able to learn something new every time from her and fellow mentees. I would say this investment is worth every penny!!!”

I  was able to achieve my editing style and it proved to be a game changer for me!

"I  would say this investment was worth every penny!"


Alyssa Freaking Hollis Y’all! She’s the absolute queen of creating a moody session. From her free spirit shooting style to her dark edgy editing she has created a vibe all her own. Bonus she’s a Boymom, is an avid Coffee drinker, and loves Jesus! What’s not to love?! So last year I was about to give up on mentorships completely after having invested in several that taught me nothing new. I have followed Alyssa for 5 years and have always been inspired by her art and self portraits. Alyssa’s Black Friday Deal was to good to pass up so I took the leap and WOW was it worth it! She not only shares some game changing knowledge, but also genuinely cares about you as a person. Her mentorship does not just last one day it lasts a lifetime. I could talk for days about the love and support she has given me not only for my business but, for me as a person. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to completely change your businesses future and make a new friend. You’ll receive WAY more than you pay for! Alyssa is the real deal y’all!

She not only shares some game changing knowledge, but also genuinely cares about you as a person.

"I  took a leap and WOW was it worth it!"

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Let's be real- you could spend hours on youtube learning how to edit more efficiently, but the one thing youtube won't come with is a dedicated mentor to walk with you as you learn, be there for you when you're stuck and encourage you when you are trapped in comparison.  I am here to guide you with my 13+ years of knowledge to help you achieve your goals a little faster than 100 hours searching for free tutorials. 

what's included?

☽ A custom editing video where I edit 5 of your RAW images with a rundown of every basic panel slider, the filter bar making updates, color grading (where you find your special tones), tone curve + a touch of photoshop! 

☽ My personal presets + Brushes.

☽ Access to my private Facebook group full of kind + encouraging ladies where you will have access to all my past editing videos, open communication with me and others in the group where we all learn together. 

☽ Access to me on the Voxer app (which is free) for and and all questions after your mentorship video has been viewed for as long as you need. 


I am ready for this!

1:1 snap along


This 1:1 snap along mentorship is for you to come along side of me and shoot a fully styled family model at sunset. We will go over pre-session activities, styling + the session and workflow/session flow. Think of it this way - this is a 1:1 "workshop" without the drama, fighting for the shot plus a mentor who truly cares about your growth in this business. 

*This mentorship does not include editing.

total investment $1525

Yes, let's do it!

payment plans available