It's time you finally started running after your goals!
and truth is you need someone in your corner not just someone who takes your money and runs. You need someone who can be there for you when you get stuck because sis, we all get stuck and we all need someone in our corner to pick us up when we are feeling down, confused and just plain lost. 

Not your average mentor

real friendships. real growth. real fun.

You don't have to do this alone...


1:1 Shoot along mini workshop

This is perfect for new or intermediate photographers who want to really see and learn how to run a successful family session from start to finish.

Questionnaire and/or phone call to discuss your needs/wants

up to 2 hour family session with a fully styled model family of your dynamic choosing

Shooting side-by-side where you can ask questions the entire time

The session will have to be within 1.5-2 hours of Atlanta


afterpay, klarna + payment plans available

Option to add on an editing video for $200


cultivate course

This course goes through all things Lightroom with a touch of photoshop editing skills. This is perfect for busy moms who need to learn at their own pace but still have 1:1 help when they need it.

Pre-recorded editing videos of me working on my own images fully going over sliders in Lightroom while using my personal presets, brushing, skin tones, portraiture + skies!  All of the pre-recorded videos are using Adobe Lightroom Classic + Photoshop 2023.

Learn more in depth about the most annoying editing issue of all SKIN TONES and how to make your work come alive and conquering color grading the newest addition to Lightroom. You must be shooting RAW, must understand and be shooting manual mode and have a good understanding of light to get the most out of this.

You must understand this course is to teach you about all things Lightroom, how to use presets plus new techniques. You will learn how to TWEARK IT… I mean TWEAK those presets hahahah! There will be small portions of Photoshop.

Access to the Facebook group for continued growth where I will be available for extensive questions.

All of my personal presets + brushes plus bonus ones I have been working on!

Plus a mentor who does not leave you in the dark! I will be there when you get stuck! 


get the course

afterpay, klarna + payment plans available

Alyssa really helped me take the guesswork out of editing. She helped me finally claim my style I was desiring to achieve.

Karlee Krogstad Photography



When I was deeply struggling with comparison she was someone that helped pull me out of that because she truly understood what I was going through and wasn’t afraid to talk about it. She keeps it real and truly cares about you.

Kristen Hall Photography



I learned so much and at my own pace, with a million questions along the way that Alyssa helped answer every single one. Alyssa taught me a lot about editing but she also gave me the confidence I needed at my sessions, as a photographer, to not doubt myself or editing and to stop comparing myself to everyone in this community.

Kylie Thompson Photography



Lets make MAGIC together