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This is not just a take your money + run then forget who you are type mentorship. You are about to gain a friend, sister! I want you to feel valued, seen and heard. I want you to flourish and grow through the seasons of this wild journey of photography and I will be by your side along the way.

editing mentorships $850
Shoot with me $1200
$250 discount if you book editing + shooting together

There is a lot to say for someone who invests in their future with education! Truth is there are tons of recourses out there for you and the fact that you landed here- with me? That is an act of God friends!  I want you to make the right choice so below I am going to list out all the things you will get from this mentorship- it a lot so take the time to read through the details. 

Here is what you 

all the little details for editing 

• All Lightroom sliders will be taught in depth as far as why, when and how you will use them. This is for beginner or intermediate Lightroom users or for anyone who has bought every preset on the market and they still can not seem to fall in love with their own work. Because guess what? Presets are not a one click wonder.

What is included in this purchase:

• 15 Pre-recorded editing videos of me importing/exporting + how to cull, fully going over every single slider in Lightroom while using my personal presets, brushing, skin tones, portraiture, skies and how to use Iris works my favorite customer relationship manager! THIS IS PERFECT FOR BUSY MOMS and for people who love to study at their own pace. I will be available via the private facebook group as well as my direct phone number during business hours.

• Learn more in depth about the most annoying editing issue of all SKIN TONES and how to make your work come alive and conquering color grading the newest addition to Lightroom.

• PDF Editing guide which goes over each slider in terms of what they mean and when they need to be used.

• Access to the private Facebook Group for continued growth where I will be available for extensive questions as well as monthly updated editing videos from me with set days of the month where you will enter your images to be chosen by me to edit. I  will also showcase how you can obtain the looks you want from ANY preset pack once you know how to use them correctly. 

• PDF's - Family session flow guide, Quick light guide, My personal family session welcome guide to use as an example to create your own + my personal style guide and a blank template to make your own.

• All of my personal presets + brushes and by being a part of this mentorship you will receive all future presets + brushes for free! 

*There will be no refunds due to buyers remorse or lack of your own effort in learning. The Facebook group is there for you to dive in deeper and ask any and all questions you may have. You do not need to rely on the other mentees to answer your questions because I will be in the group each day during my business hours.

1:1 shooting mentorship

Have you ever wanted to shoot with another photographer and just see how they do things? Are you a new or seasoned photographer who just needs a fresh perspective? Well if you are then let's shoot together! 

This mentorship is for anyone who wants to build their portfolio or freshen up their Instagram feed with beautifully styled models to showcase to potential clients exactly what YOU CAN DO for them! 

We will be photographing one fully styled family at sunset at a location in or around metro Atlanta. This is open to photographers local to me so don't be shy- I am one of the nice ones and get ready to be hugged! We will go over session flow + how to get started styling your clients!

To book your mentorship please inquire below! 

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Investment fee: $1200

Investment fee $850