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You will fill out the contact form below to inquire, I will touch base with you and send you my available dates, you will pick your date, sign your photography contract and pay your deposit invoice. After your session deposit is paid you will then receive a welcome email with your family session questionnaire once you fill out your questionnaire we will then begin discussing your session wardrobe styling and location options. I use an online styling system in correlation with my client closet to help you feel as little stress about wardrobe as possible!  

 •Your remaining session balance will be due the week prior to your session date.

My contract states up to 3 weeks but I always try my best to get them back to you sooner. That is simply for the wiggle room of life as we know it. My sessions are what I like to call storytelling sessions so that means I take photos from the time we start walking until we get to our cars at the end - so with that being said I don’t typically put a cap on my galleries. Every family is different. 

Your session fee covers my time planning your session, time while with you at the session as well as the hours it takes to edit your images to perfection, access to my ever growing client closet, customized styling, unique location options in and around the greater Atlanta area and your private online gallery. Your online gallery is for you to download, share and print your digital files. You will receive a print release where you can print your files anywhere you wish. 

My client closet is a collection of designer, boutique and custom style clothing for mamas and kiddos that you are able to use for your session to make wardrobe and styling for sessions that much easier- and fun! I am constantly on the hunt for new pieces to set my sessions apart from others and make my clients feel extra special during their time with me. It adds to the already wonderful experience I provide for my clients. 

I mean this with all the humor implied - I can handle your kids! The truth is kids lead my sessions and it always ends up in a gallery full of memories. Never in all my years of photographing families have I ever had a child act so out of character that I do not create gold for the family. Kids will have meltdowns - it happens but it won’t last the entire session and we will have lots of fun being silly, making memories, adventuring new places, having tickle fights and lots of laughs! 

How does the booking process work?

What does the session fee cover? 

What is a client closet?

What is your turnaround time?

What if my kids uncooperative? 

alyssa is a self-proclaimed dad whisperer
she guarantees your husband won't leave angry unless you don't feed him first.

“Alyssa Hollis is a gem. Her mentorship is not only incredibly educational but she goes above and beyond for her mentees. She will go over every panel in Lightroom and takes the time to review so many other parts of editing. she teaches you skies, skin tones, LR shortcuts and all the things. I can guarantee taking Alyssa‘s mentorship will not only up your editing game but you will gain an amazing mentor and friend. She is a true gift to this community.”

-Lauren Freeman

"My experience with Alyssa has been nothing short of freaking awesome. I came across her on IG, watched her crazy stories she had me sucked in because of how real she is. I love watching her crazy little boys and pup, husband cooking (lucky!!!) and learning from her!!!! Since this I have taken her mentorship and she has designed this to be successful in so many ways. Overall She has helped shaped me as photographer, a mom, a friend and business owner."

-Steph Lumibao

My mentorship with Alyssa opened so many doors for my business. Watching her edit my photos while listening to what goes through her head as she edits was a game changer for me. I gained so much confidence through her guidance and feel that I now have a style unique to myself that flows effortlessly no matter the location. The best part about this mentorship is that my education didn’t stop after my one on one session ended. I love how open Alyssa is in her AHP group on Facebook where she continues to teach us all she knows. If you are on the fence, take the plunge. I promise you won’t ever look back! 

-Niki Favors

My mentorship with Alyssa was so eye opening for me. First of all, she’s soooo easy to talk to. She’s super knowledgeable. And even when I had a question she wasn’t sure about she figured it out and got back to me. She opened my eyes on a lot of back end things like light and wardrobe. She’s just amazing guys. Her heart is gold and the Facebook group you join after is a never ending source of knowledge. It’s doesn’t just stop after an hour. She’s dedicated to teaching and seeing people grow. 1000% worth the investment!

-Jenny Kelley

You are amazing! Seriously! I appreciate you so dang much for putting up with my chicken nuggets & for giving me the break down on skin tones because I was making it waaaay harder than it needed to be! You seriously are amazing, not even joking and I’m so thankful our paths crossed because you literally gave me the boost in confidence I needed and I can not wait to use what you showed me!!! Ahhhhhh! I just love your heart!

-Brittany Reyes

“I was so excited when I finally got the chance to do my editing mentorship with Alyssa. I have been following her and admiring her for work so long. She is not only an amazing mentor that is will to always help and answer questions but she is also an amazing friend. She has showed me so many helpful tips and tricks to put into my work. It’s incredible how much my work has grown since our mentorship. So if you thinking about doing a editing mentorship, I suggest you go with Alyssa- she will not disappoint.”

-Nikki Wilson

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