not so picture perfect podcast

get ready to hear me tell it like it is with sarcasm, humor + truth.

"I  have been not so patiently waiting for this podcast to release and I can’t say enough good things about it already! If you follow Alyssa on social media you already know she keeps it real. She also loves Jesus and is a great leader for us Christian photographers that want to make sure we are running our businesses with God as the center. Alyssa is so passionate about teaching and it’s evident in this podcast! If you are a photographer ready to learn take a listen, you won’t be disappointed!" -Kristen Hall | Kristen Hall Photography 




not so picture perfect

welcome to the not so picture perfect podcast!

The Go-To Podcast for SAHWM's who need biblical encouragement and a friend they didn't know they needed.

On this show we will talk about motherhood, real life struggles, God and the photography industry. 


You are a stay at home working mom feeling the burn of motherhood

You are sick of not being given actionable steps to get over yourself

You feel left out of left behind

You compare yourself to everyone in your industry

Not so picture perfect podcast is a hot mess mama podcast meant to be listened to with one air pod in while and juggling a grocery list in one hand and a laundry basket in the other. Let's drink so iced coffee and talk about our struggles sis. See you on air!  

you're in the right place.

Listen, learn and laugh!

Alyssa pours her heart into other photographers. She is a wealth of knowledge with a refreshing vibe that is relatable and raw. I also highly recommend her mentorship, which lifted my business to the next level. Listen, learn and laugh!

- Jasalyn

The Encouragement Every Photog NEEDS

This girl is amazing! If you have one single doubt about being in this industry, just listen to Alyssa and BE ENCOURAGED that you belong here. Her combo of faith + photography is perfect for getting you in the right mindset for this industry. You just need to listen. I got chills just from her INTRO!!

- Taylor

I love long walks in the Target dollar spot with an iced chai latte while equally enjoying sitting on my couch scrolling Facebook Marketplace for the best deals on refinished furniture. 

listen to my thoughts

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while trying to juggle real life and real dreams one voice memo at a time.

If you follow me on instagram chances are you've been replied to with a voice memo because it's my #1 way to communicate and this podcast is just an extensions of what it's like to be my friend. 



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