How to prepare for an in home newborn photo session | Marietta Newborn Photography

Preparing for an in-home session can upfront seem like a daunting task but truly it’s the best way to do a newborn session if you are recovering from a c-section, overly tired or have older children. Having your session in the comfort of your own home eliminates so much stress. So let’s talk about how you can prepare for your in-home newborn session:

  1. Schedule your session ahead of time: By scheduling your session ahead of time you and your photographer will have the most time to prepare in terms of the light in your home, cleaning up and piecing together your wardrobe for your session. Scheduling ahead of time will also secure your session with your photographer so you don’t risk them being booked the month of your birth.
  2. Keeping your baby awake before the photographer arrives:  Keeping your baby awake at least an hour before your photographer arrives helps the potential of the baby sleeping sound through most of the session.
  3. Feed your baby prior to the session: This will help with sleeping during their session. With a full belly it tends to help them feel more relaxed during posing. Newborns do tend to be super hungry and may want to eat frequently during their session and that is perfectly fine or normal.
  4. Simple and neutral clothing is best: I recommend lighter colors, neutral and earth tones. Think oversized sweater with leggings or a loose comfy maxi dress, white onesie for baby and a simple chambray top for dad with khakis. Simple is cozy.
  5. Relax and breathe your new lifestyle in: My lifestyle newborn sessions are no stress, full of cuddling and lots of love.  This is your time to capture your sweet little one in their smallest most precious form. Taking that time to cuddle them close is such a moment to look back on in years to come.

    As you see below there is so much snuggling and love and don’t forget to add in your pets they are so valuable and part of the story!


Details of a newborn nursery during their newborn photo session
Photos of a newborn baby girl in her crib
Baby girl photos in the nursery
Photos of a newborn in her nursery with her mom
Portrait photos of a mom and dad with their newborn baby and their pet golden doodle
Photos of mom and newborn baby girl in her nursery after their IVF journey during their at home newborn baby photo session.
Portrait photos of a mom and dad with their newborn baby in the nursery during their newborn baby photo session.
Beautiful baby girl newborn photo in home after their long IVF journey at their in home newborn baby photo session.
Mom and dad with newborn baby girl in her nursery
Newborn photos with a baby girl wrapped with a flower headband
Beautiful newborn photos with mom and baby girl
Baby girl newborn wrapped photo session in home
Father and daughter newborn photos in nursery after their IVF journey during their at home newborn baby photo session.
Photos of a family in their living room with newborn baby
In home photo session details
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IVF baby newborn photo session
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Parents in front of their childhood home with their first baby

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Dads outfit

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