Why Book A Maternity Photo Session | Marietta Maternity Photographer

Maternity sessions are something I believe most people think they don’t need… but I am here to tell you that after having 3 kids of my own- I regret not having maternity photos done with my older two children. I only had them done with my youngest and I am SO happy that I did.

Here are reasons why you should think about booking a maternity session:

To document the anticipation and joy of becoming a mother – Becoming a mother is a gift and it’s one that should be documented not just for you as a mother but for your children to one day look back on. My children love looking back at the photos of me pregnant knowing they were in my belly.

Celebrating yourself: You just created a life! You sacrificed not only your body but your mind. Pregnancy takes so much out of your body but what it can do to your mind is equally as exhausting. You should celebrate how far you’ve come and how absolutely radiant you are as a creator of life!

Cultivating Family memories: When you look back on this time like most good things in life we miss it so much! Being pregnant is the start of creating your family and this memory is truly once in a lifetime because every pregnancy is so very different.

A black pregnant woman wearing a reclamation gown standing in a field with clouds.
Beautiful black pregnant mother wearing an open belly dress in a field for photos in Marietta, GA.
Pregnant mother embraacing her belly for maternity photos photographed by a Marietta photographer.
Black pregnant mother standing in a field at sunset for a maternity photo session.
Mother wearing a crop top holding her pregnant belly for a maternity session.
Stunning black mother posing for maternity photos in a emerald satin gown.

Chiffon Dress

Emerald Dress

Crop top

Rust top + Skirt

Valley Location

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